Grand Bohemian Gold Award

Selected by Jury Panel

$10,000 VALUE

  • $6,000 upon winning
  • $2,200 upon completion of five provided gigs
  • Hotel provided (6 nights equivalent to $1,000)
  • Audio/Video Record
  • Production (equivalent to $400)
  • Travel Reimbursement of $600 provided

Bösendorfer Silver Award

Selected by Jury Panel


Finalist in Concert Award

  • Each of the (5) remaining receives $500.00 and a Yamaha Digital Piano (Yamaha P115 or equivalent).
  • Performance videos posted to Facebook of the (5) Finalist In Concert performances with audience participation for top choice.
  • The TOP VOTE WINNER receives an additional $1,000 cash prize.

Yamaha Award

Finalists 3-7 will receive a Yamaha Digital Piano (See Finalist In Concert Award)